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Plan for Labor

Think about your birth environment, important paperwork, and the essentials you'll want to bring to help you feel prepared for the big day.

What do I need to bring with me?

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance card
  • Important phone numbers
  • Comfy clothing
  • Nursing bras/Regular bras

Download Birth Plan for complete packing list.

Who do I want in the delivery room?

  • Partner
  • Parents
  • Other family member

What paperwork do I need to fill out?

  • Consent forms (if applicable)
  • Insurance forms

What conditions should I tell my OB or midwife about?

  • Group B strep
  • Rh incompatible with baby
  • Positive for herpes
  • Gestational diabetes

If I have a vaginal birth, what requests can I make?

  • To view the birth using a mirror
  • To touch my baby’s head as it crowns
  • For the hospital staff to help me with  pushing techniques
  • To be able to feel the urge before starting to push

What are my options for dealing with pain while in labor?

  • Natural techniques (such as a bath or shower, breathing techniques, hypnobirthing techniques or massage)
  • Regional analgesia (an epidural and/or spinal block)
  • No pain medication unless I specifically request it

Plan for the Unexpected

Having a plan in place that you've discussed with your OB or midwife will help you feel calm, confident, and prepared for whatever may come your way.

The idea of something not going as planned is probably the last thing you want to think about. Fortunately, planning ahead and talking to your OB or midwife can help you plan for the unexpected and understand your options.

What are some options to help my cervix dilate, if necessary?

  • Cervical ripening vaginal insert
  • Pill (misoprostol/Cytotec®) not FDA approved
  • Catheter

Some options are not FDA approved, so discuss your options with your doctor or midwife and tell them what you prefer.

If I need a C-section and it’s not an emergency

  • I’d like to have a moment alone/with my partner/family/other to process this before having a C-section, if possible
  • I’d like to have a sheer screen to watch, if possible
  • I’d like to have music playing

If I need to be induced, what options are available to help with contractions?

  • IV drip (oxytocin/Pitocin®)
  • Nipple stimulation
  • Walking around
  • My doctor or midwife will break my water

In case of interventions such as vacuum, forceps, or episiotomy, what requests can I make?

  • If I need any of these procedures, please discuss with me beforehand
  • I would prefer not to have an episiotomy unless medically necessary
  • I would prefer not to have forceps used
  • I would prefer not to have a vacuum used

Plan for Inducing Labor

You wanted a natural birth, but your OB says you may need to be induced.
Keep calm, you can prepare for it.

Has your OB spoken to you about inducing labor?

Knowing how inducing labor works, and having an informed and thoughtful discussion with your OB or Midwife can help you understand the facts, choices, and emotions surrounding the induction procedure.

Some options are not FDA approved so it’s important to know your options.

What exactly is labor induction?

The use of medications or other methods to bring on labor1.

What is the goal of labor

The goal is vaginal birth, following the same process the same process your body typically would go through1.

Here is how inducing labor works


If your cervix is not sufficiently ready for labor, there are options to help prepare the cervix, so the actual labor can proceed. Below are some of the more commonly used methods your OB or Midwife will use to help “ripen” the cervix:

  • Removable vaginal Insert
  • Pill (Cytotec®/misoprostol) Not FDA-Approved
  • Balloon Catheter
  • Stripping the Membranes


Once your cervix is sufficiently dilated and relaxed (ripened), your OB will proceed to the next step, starting or strengthening contractions.

The purpose of this step is to encourage contractions so that the delivery process can proceed.

The most common approaches to labor are:

  • IV Drip (Pitocin/oxytocin)
  • Breaking the Water (Amniotomy)


Once your cervix is fully dilated, contractions have reached a certain level, and your OB or Midwife tells you that it is time to push, the vaginal delivery can proceed.

As you never know what will happen, it’s important to discuss your options with your OB of Midwife.

Download Induction Planner

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Plan for the Moments After

Welcome your baby into the world exactly as you want. Here are some things to consider for when the moment arrives.

What requests can I make for the umbilical cord?

  • My partner (or other family member) to cut the cord
  • I want the cord blood collected for banking
  • I want delayed clamping and cutting of the cord after it stops pulsating

What options should I discuss for my placenta?

  • Hospital to take
  • Take home (there may be additional steps taken by the hospital for the release of your placenta)
  • I want the placenta collected for banking

What are my options for holding my baby for the first time?

  • Immediately after delivery (skin to skin)
  • After being wiped clean
  • After weighing and initially cleaning my  baby
  • I’d prefer not to hold my baby after childbirth
  • Other

When can I start breastfeeding?

  • As soon as possible after delivery
  • After discussing with a lactation consultant
  • When I feel comfortable

10 centimeters is all that stands between you and your baby.

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Getting to 10

You wanted a natural birth, but your OB says you may need to be induced. Keep calm, you can prepare for it

Download induction planner

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